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PACE is reopening with new thought-provoking art exhibit

The Hoff Family Arts and Culture Center in Council Bluffs is welcoming back visitors this evening for a new exhibit. It's called "Ruinous Microcosm" by artist Jave Yoshimoto. Yoshimoto's art features paintings, laser-engraved and carved sculptures to feature themes about hope, tragedy and current events.
Posted at 6:48 PM, Jan 22, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-22 19:48:36-05

COUNCIL BLUFFS, Ia. (KMTV) - Jave Yoshimoto has made lots of worldly observations over the last decade between natural disasters, humanitarian crises and the environment.

After volunteering in Greece to help with the refugee crisis, Yoshimoto collected their stories and created works based on his encounters.

"With all the advent of the social media, and a lot of news we get in our faces all the time, we tend to forget the tragedy that happened yesterday, so it's my way to kind of make the audience pause," Yoshimoto said.

From his experiences, Yoshimoto has made keen observations about human nature.

"People want to be heard, another is people want to be understood, the third is people want to be accepted," Yoshimoto said.

Programming and Gallery Director Adam Van Osdel hopes exhibit-goers are motivated to take action.

"With his art work, I'm reminded of the simple peace I get at the end of the day, when I sit down and I can just be with myself, a lot of people on this planet, they don't have that, they never receive that simple peace, they are in war-torn areas, they are trying to escape tyranny and hardship, his work bottles that," Van Osdel said.

The exhibit runs from Jan. 22 to April 10th.