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PACE program graduation held after officers spend week with youth in the community

Posted at 6:12 PM, Jul 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-20 19:12:53-04

This week... Omaha police officers traded in their uniforms for a whole new look. The goal, give kids a new view of officers, thanks to the PACE summer program. At this week-long summer camp kids got to do normal activates like go to the movies and compete in field day activities. However, this camp wanted to give kids who might have a negative experience with officers a positive one. 

The day started off filled with fun activities. Dozens of kids competed in field day events. This summer camp though is different than your average summer camp. The team leaders are Omaha police officers. The PACE program is designed to make the relationships between these children and officers a positive one.
Siblings Lexi and Jordan were part of the program this year and just like any other pair they compete against each other and cheer each other on. Their grandmother signed them up and they were glad to get to spend this time together and get to know the officers. "They set good examples for us, show us that they are really good role models,” said Lexi Ignowski, PACE participant.
The best part for them was getting to compete against each other, even though it was just friendly competition. "There's no score on the's just about having fun,” said Jordan Ignowski, PACE participant.

The pair says they learned a lot this week. “We get to go on field trips and we go to go in a swat truck and we got to learn about guns," said Jordan. The week-long camp ended with a graduation with each participant receiving a certificate of completion and got to pick a backpack full of school supplies to start the year off right. "I’m not really ready to go to school, I’m starting 7th grade,” said Lexi.

This was the first year for the PACE program summer camp, and the Ignowskis hope to come back again because they had fun making new friends and spending time together as a family