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Package thieves in the metro

Posted at 6:52 PM, Dec 04, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-04 19:52:28-05

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — The Wednesday after Black Friday and Cyber Monday is the busiest shipping day of the year. That means today all across the metro, packages were getting delivered--left in mailboxes and on porches.

Unfortunately, Wednesday also makes it the perfect day for package thieves to steal your things as quickly as you got them.

Some local residents have had enough.

Omaha resident Cheri Clark was expecting a delivery from Amazon Tuesday afternoon.

She received a notification on her phone saying her package was delivered--so she ran home from work to collect it, only to find a man at her home.

"I followed him. I went right back after him. He was speeding, I was speeding and I put on my four-way flashers for whatever that was worth,” said Clark.

She was able to get the thief’s information along with the female driver.

Her Ring doorbell camera also captured every moment.

The package is gone, but Clark isn’t distraught.

"I’m getting the last laugh on the whole thing. What was in my package was heater coils for my gutters."

Another incident Wednesday also in Omaha happened on 192nd and Harrison in the Bellbrook neighborhood.

This time, a Google Nest camera captured a woman searching for something on the porch. There were no packages.

Wednesday also happens to be national Package Protection Day and the doorbell company Ring has some tips to keep your packages safe:

  • Connect with your neighbors, whether that be through social media or an e-mail chain.
  • Choose packaging that conceals the items in your box.
  • Consider getting a video doorbell and add delivery instructions to let the driver know to place the package in an out of view area.

Some designated local businesses, like Moxie Salon in Omaha, accept packages for people who are afraid of porch pirates.

"I think I just offered what I was taking advantage of as the owner,” said Tara Send, owner of Moxie Salon. “I just shipped to my own space where I'm here. We're open six days a week, ten to eight, so minus Sunday, there's always somebody here to receive your package, keep it behind the desk."

As for Cheri, she just wants to make sure this doesn't happen to anyone else. Amazon said they will reship her items.

And she says, she really does have the last laugh.

"Along with the heated coils, I really would like to give this guy and his girlfriend one additional gift. What I would like to do is give them an all-expense-paid stay at OPD’s luxurious cell for a night. With a private meeting with the judge in the morning."