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Papillion adds more lights to downtown crosswalk

Posted at 10:35 PM, Nov 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-07 23:35:19-05

A cross walk in Papillion has been updated to make it more noticeable to drivers. The original design had flashing lights in the street, and now flashing lights have been added to the crosswalk's signs.

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The crosswalk was installed this past summer, with just the flashing lights. Once the city realized that cars weren't noticing the lights, they decided to try and make the crosswalk more noticeable. 

“We thought it would help get across there but no one would be able to see it,” Emily Chilson, who owns a business nearby said. 

The city decided to add flashing lights to the crosswalk poles. 

“The crosswalk was working well at night but not during the day, it wasn't as visible to traffic,” Papillion spokesman Trenton Albers said. 

Albers said that they want to make the downtown area convenient for foot traffic and have noticed cars slowing down for the added lights. 

“When they see the lights flashing, yield to pedestrians but once they have cleared traffic is good to proceed,” he said. 

Speed boxes have also been added to make people more aware of their speed as they enter the 25 MPH zone.