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Papillion Police K-9, Deuce, is retiring after a decade of service

His retirement ceremony is Tuesday
Posted at 6:49 PM, Jan 07, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-07 19:49:15-05

PAPILLION, Neb. — Deuce is sweet, active and extremely loyal to his handler, Papillion Police Officer Chris Goley. But along with being just a great dog, he's even a better partner. Deuce has been working as a dual-purpose K-9 for the department since 2009.

"He does patrol work...building searches, apprehensions, tracking, things of that nature. And then on the other hand he finds drugs, he's a narcotics detection dog," Officer Goley said.

Officer Goley and K-9 Deuce have worked side by side Deuce's entire career, and Deuce has a lot of accomplishments under his leash.

"He's had 661 deployments in his career. So you can use your imagination. He's found everything from small amounts of narcotics up to ten pounds of methamphetamine," Officer Goley said.

For Officer Goley, things will now be a little different in the workplace.

"And Deuce is having to adjust to that too, him staying home while I take a different dog to work with me. It takes a little bit of adjustment for him," he said.

That new dog is two-year-old Trinity, the new K-9 at the department. Deuce's respective replacement.

"He still wants to go to work with dad but I figured it was time to retire him so that he can enjoy a little bit of peace and quiet at home. That way he gets all the toys he wants," Officer Goley said.

And that's exactly what the Belgian malinois will get, along with treats and lots of love at home.

Deuce's retirement ceremony will take place at the Papillion City Council Meeting Monday at 7pm.