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Papillion post office looking to move

Posted at 6:34 PM, Apr 20, 2018

The Papillion post office needs more space.

"As the community grows we have to add more routes, add more deliveries, so we have to add more staff to process the mail, to deliver the mail, and we've run out of room her," said Steve Cunningham.

Walking around you can clearly see they are taking in more than they are designed to handle.

"We recently had a meeting to inform the public that we are looking to move the facility and expand," said Cunningham.

Customer Relations Coordinator Steve Cunningham says the nearly 35 year old building no longer meets the needs of Papillion La Vista's growing population.

"This station delivers from Harrison St to the Platte River so it's a lot of ground to cover," said Cunningham.

It looks spacious, but Cunningham says they need a post office double the size of this one to handle the amount of boxes they receive.

"We are going to have to add in new deliveries, new routes to serve the community, we are going to have to add in new employees to process and deliver the mail," said Cunningham.

Better parking and more P.O. boxes are just a few things customers want to see.

"I only have to go a couple times a month to ship stuff to customers and I do have to wait in line, and I usually have kids with me," said Nicole Chilcote.

Chilcote says she'd be happy with shorter lines.

"We live in a world right now where people want to do things quick, especially when you have two kids with you," said Chilcote.

So Cunningham says they are looking to move and fix those needs hopefully in the next year or two.

"This facility services 3 zip codes and there's a fourth one we need to add but we just don't have the room," said Cunningham.

Customers say regardless the post office still maintains good customer service.