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Parents of girl who went missing on Platte River still searching

Posted at 6:44 PM, Aug 14, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-15 11:35:02-04

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — It's been more than two months since an eight-year-old girl went missing in Schramm State Park. Law enforcement believes she was swept away in the Platte River. Search efforts have slowed but you'll still find two people at the park, her parents.

"All I got is a picture, it's on the back of my phone, and I cry everyday truthfully. You know everyday like I’m sad," said Teablo Price, the father of Taries Price.

Taries went missing back on June 11 at Scramm State Park. During that time, the Sarpy County Sheriff's Office said she was swept away by the Platte River after being on a sandbar just offshore. The search, which turned from a rescue to a recovery effort, was unable to find her body.

"She's missing still. She ain't come out the water yet then what is she, missing, right, so we got to find her," said Price.

Now more than 60 days later, one search crew continues to check the area, her parents.

"We're so tired, you know night and day this is what we do. We live this river, this is like our home pretty much," said Price.

Price says while he appreciates those who've helped, others have done more harm than good. He says he's received conflicting information from search teams that Taries' body was found.

"They're bringing this evidence to the police, and the evidence is saying it's not true, but then my wife is being told another story from the rescue group, and you just don't know who to believe right now," said Price.

He also says he never sees search crews either from Sarpy County or independent ones at Schramm though he's been told they go once a week.

"I ain't never have nobody run up on me and say, 'Hey we searched here or went there.' I ain't ever had that since I’ve been here," said Price.

That's why he and his wife continue to search, not only for their missing daughter but for the closure it could bring. He also says he hopes other parents learn from this.

"Always wear a life vest in any water, especially if you're a child, just pay attention to your children, love them, be there for them, pay attention to them because at the split of the moment anything could happen. You never know what might happen," said Price.

We reached out to the Sarpy County Sheriff’s Office but have not heard back at this time.

The family says they can use the help of a boat when searching. Price says if you have a boat and you're able to help, contact him at 402-213-2276.

The family also says they have P.O. box if you'd like to donate to help their efforts:

P.O. BOX 45509
OMAHA, NE, 68137

DIGITAL EXTRA: Hear more from Teablo Price, the father of Taries Price, by watching the video below.