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Parents raise concerns of 52nd and NW Radial

Posted at 10:25 PM, Aug 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-17 23:25:41-04

In October 2014, police and paramedics rushed to 52nd and NW Radial after a woman slammed her car into a light pole. And in August 2013, police responded to a hit and run incident where two were seriously injured.

Mode Shift Omaha says this intersection near Benson High and Monroe Middle School doesn't have a good track record.

"But I mean there are signs everywhere there are crosswalks and everything, but they will learn," students said.

Parents are again concerned about students crossing the busy streets. Drivers are getting too close and students don't have enough time to cross. Michelle Mangiamelli's daughter almost forgot about a blind spot from the vantage point by a gas station.

"My daughter goes to Benson there and she came home complaining that she almost got hit by a car," Mangiamelli said. "[Cars] come around so fast, they probably need to put a bridge or something there."

We asked Omaha if it's planning anything like a bridge, but it costs millions. The city says it's aware of concerns. The state plans to repave streets in the area next year and make the crosswalks more visible to drivers.