Park still closed in Bellevue after June tornadoes

City working to clear storm debris
Posted at 10:08 PM, Sep 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-15 23:08:43-04

Three months ago tornadoes destroyed parts of Bellevue. The Two Springs neighborhood was hit and the trails in Daniel Park are still closed. 

They city said they are working to clear all the storm damage to re-open the area, but that will take a few months. 

Bellevue Park Superintendent Brian Madison said they will work on the trails in phases. Phase one will focus on the area around the storm drain and then they will move out towards the property lines. 

“The homeowners don't have the shade they had before, their AC bills have gone up,” Madison said. 

One of the big reasons the trail is still closed is all the loose branches that could snap and fall at any minute. 

“I do like the walking trails, I also like them for biking,” neighbor Becky Allen said she hasn’t used the park since the storms.

“Happy to hear they are going to get there and I understand that city services take precedent over our leisure stuff,” she said. 

The phase one work will begin October 16th; crews will work in 10 hour, four day shifts and will get as much done as possible. Madison said the goal is to be done and have the trails back open by December.