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Party trailer debuts on National Night Out

Posted at 3:06 PM, Aug 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-09 16:06:05-04

Neighborhood block party essentials like coolers, tables and chairs are what's inside the 712 Initiative's party trailer. The Council Bluffs group is renting it out in an effort to bring local communities together.

This summer, the 712 Initiative put together this block party starter pack on wheels to get communities to create stronger bonds.

"We hope that communication happens and then the little problems that happen day to day are a little easier to solve because you feel like you can just approach your neighbor instead of complaining on the internet," initiative director Jeff Snow said.

The Fairmont Park Neighborhood Association is one of the first to try it out after already having a successful turnout at a block party earlier this year without the party trailer. Shari Hansen saw even greater turnout Tuesday evening.

"We had such a great outcome, you know, people we haven't seen in a while," Hansen said. "We have renters in the neighborhood and you don't always get to know them, so we got to meet some of the new renters. It's just a great way to meet your neighbors and stay in touch with the ones you don't always get to see because you get busy with life."

More neighbors showed up as the evening went on. Neighbors were able to just walk down the street, grab food, and get a seat at a table.

"I just went and picked it up and brought it on to the street and started unpacking instead of having everybody drag stuff from there house," Hansen said. "It was really nice to have the trailer this year."

Council Bluffs is getting closer to fall and running out of warm weekends for block parties.

Contact the 712 Initiative to bring the party trailer to your neighborhood: (712) 396-2494.