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Patient, dog bond over injury and illness at Nebraska Medicine

Posted at 9:10 AM, Feb 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-21 10:57:29-05

Kylie Bush is a 12-year-old recently diagnosed with cancer, Rocky is a golden retriever with a prosthetic leg. The two are inseparable. 

Bush had previously spent more than a year at Nebraska Medicine after her second multi-organ transplant as apart of puppy therapy, she has visited with Rocky after the two immediately latched on to each other nearly a year ago. 

"It helps with my anxiety and stress," Kylie said. "At least for me it helps." 

After she's done petting the other dogs, Kylie says she will massage Rocky and he will lay in her lap for a good hour. 

Rocky's owner Jim Fitch says the dog knows when he's going to see Kylie. 

"When we put his scarf on him and we leave the house, he knows where he's going and he knows what he's supposed to do," Fitch said. "It wasn't something we really trained him, it's just an instinct for him."