Patrick's Market is closing

After 10 years in the Old Market
Posted at 10:08 PM, Sep 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-25 23:07:58-04

Patrick’s Market in Downtown Omaha is closing after 10 years. The news was surprising to many who will now have to find another place to buy groceries in the downtown area. 

“It is nice, just to be able to come down here and have friendly people to talk to and buy groceries,” Nadia Goodwin said she lives right up the street and visits Patrick’s often. 

Goodwin said finding another grocery store in downtown isn’t easy, because there really isn’t one. 

“I guess Cubby’s and probably Wal-Mart maybe,” she said. 

Wohlner’s in Midtown Crossing was sad to hear Patrick’s was closing down. 

“I am the last of the old dinosaurs, it is extremely sad,” Owner Mike Schwartz said. 

He said competition with big name stores can be fierce, and online shopping has raised that competition to a new level. 

Schwartz used to have online shopping and said he is considering starting it again. 

“In the grocery business you have to cater to your customers and as the times change you have to do what they expect of you or they will forget about you,” he said. 

Some think Patrick’s closing down will send customers to Midtown, and Goodwin hopes that someone decides to open up another grocery store downtown. 

“I was hoping so, it is already set up for a grocery store, so cross your fingers,” Goodwin said. 

The owners of Patrick’s Market said they plan to close at the end of September, almost everything in the store is on sale.