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People upset over 'likes' by OPOA president

Posted at 6:10 PM, Sep 04, 2020

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — A local activist says the Omaha Police Union president should step down for liking certain posts on social media.

In an article published on Thursday by the alternative Omaha magazine "The Reader," Omaha Police Officers Association President Tony Conner was shown to like and share pro-police posts on Twitter, some that critics say are controversial and inappropriate.

He also has liked tweets from conservative commentator Damani Felder that include “if you sexually assault a minor you should be happy you only caught 7 bullets" and “I don't feel bad for criminals who get shot by the police and you shouldn't either. Goodnight.”

Local activist Ja Keen Fox says he was alerted about the tweets.

"It is really scary to know that someone that does not care about the well-being and the safety of citizens and residents of Omaha has so much power in how police are held accountable to the safety of residents and citizens," Fox says.

Fox himself was removed last month by Mayor Jean Stothert from the LGBTQ+ advisory board over comments supporting the killer of five police officers in 2016.

Friday, Conner told KMTV, "as a Black man and Black police officer whose profession is under constant attack, I find it relevant and important to share content from other Black voices who are sick of the misguided disparaging of police and the violence and destruction being perpetrated in the name of racial justice. I will continue to speak out in support of our officers and against the hateful violence tearing communities apart."

Fox says police officers should protect the public and not by judge, jury, or executioner.

"I think what's really shocking is that it goes in direct opposition of what Chief Schmaderer and Mayor Stothert have talked about when it comes to police and community engagement. This is the opposite of community policing,” Fox says.

The Omaha Police Department respectfully declined comment today and Mayor Stothert was unavailable for a response.