Pet licensing fee to increase

Posted at 6:25 PM, Oct 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-25 19:25:24-04

The Nebraska Humane Society is asking for more money from pet owners to support animal control services, and today the Omaha City Council approved their request.

The annual pet licensing fee will only increase by a dollar but some pet owners say it could create a problem for those who can't afford their animal.

"For people who are on a very tight budget it may be an issue and it may tempt them not to license their dogs," said pet owner Jennifer Duncan.

Paying an annual fee to own a pet is nothing new to Omaha, but Duncan says she's noticed those fees continue to rise.

"When I first heard about it I thought oh it's going up again, but it really benefits the animals that need care," Duncan said.

Some of that care involves taking in strays and keeping animals without a home healthy until adoption.

"I don't think it bothers me at all, as long as it is going towards something that benefits dogs or people who have dogs in this city,” said pet owner Jessie Sevener.

The Omaha City Council agreed to allow the Nebraska Humane Society to increase the annual fee from the year 2017 to 2019 by just one dollar.

"People who may not have know about it and now have to pay, it may be a problem, but they weren't doing it right in the first place,” Sevener said.

According to The City of Omaha these new changes will take effect 15 days after this ordinance passes.