Petition urges Sen. Kintner to resign

Posted at 10:40 PM, Aug 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-11 00:47:05-04

The pressure to resign heats up as a petition is going around the Cass County fairgrounds urging Senator Bill Kintner to resign.

This comes after Sen. Kintner admitted he used a state-owned computer for cyber-sex last year.

Many of his colleagues and Governor Pete Ricketts pressed Kintner to resign, but the senator re-affirms he plans to stay in office.

For some of Kintner’s constituents like Mary Harding, she wants to have some voice in her senator’s fate so she helped create a petition to get Kintner out of office.

“There's no process to recall a state senator in this state, so we were just left with-how do we make our voices heard,” said Harding.

So far a few dozen have signed a petition at the Cass County Fairgrounds.

“If he would resign now, than the voters aren't robbed of their right to choose their own representative to represent them in the next couple of years,” said Harding.

She also fears the state-owned computer Kintner used for cyber-sex compromised confidential information.

“They could have hacked into the state information system, and compromised everything,” said Harding.

Governor Ricketts again urged Kintner to step down.

“I asked him to reconsider his position, that I don't think he'll be an effective advocate for his constituents so he should do the right thing and resign.”

Ricketts said ultimately it’s the legislature’s job to punish the senator.

“I will keep open lines of communication with speaker Hadley with regard with what they want to do in regard to this,” said Ricketts.

Senator Kintner released a statement to KMTV Wednesday evening in response to the petition saying...

"I am aware that the democratic party is doing a petition drive in Cass County. I am disheartened, but not surprised by this partisan maneuver."

While KMTV was at the fair, the petition was also at the Republican Party table as well. 

To look or sign the petition lick here: