Photos of horse sparks social media outrage

Posted at 11:30 AM, May 12, 2016

The images of a horse's legs tied as water is sprayed at it and tarped has sparked social media outrage.

Now, the horse's owner said that this is all being turned into way more than it is.

The photos started trending on Facebook as people call it ‘horse water boarding'.

Genea Stoops' phone started ringing people from all over the country. 

“It's not okay, she said. "You're going to have repercussions because of this.”

Stoops runs Hooves and Paws Rescue of the Heartland near Glenwood, where she is nursing dozens of animals back to health.

Wednesday morning,  she met with the horse in these photos and the trainer who posted them, Logan Allen.

"I made a mistake. I said, It was a huge mistake at the hands of an animal," he said.

Allen said he was trying to desensitize the animal to a fear of water.

By phone, Allen said that the process worked.

"I did not waterboard that horse of any sort. or do any torture, or do any harm to him, ” He said

Stoops says Allen took the horse when he left her ranch Wednesday she wants to see the animal surrendered and join the rest here.

Providing at least some end to a social media saga that spread like wildfire.

“Physically, on the outward appearance it's a good looking horse. it's in good shape. mentally the horse is not in good shape,” Stoops said.

KMTV spoke with an animal control officer from the animal rescue league in Des Moines, who say they are very concerned about this issue.

They are also concerned that if nothing happens it sends a message that these types of training tactics are appropriate.

Allen has not been charged in any court.