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Pilots fly supplies, people to Fremont for flood relief

Posted at 6:58 PM, Mar 18, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-19 18:18:10-04

3/19/19 5:15 p.m. UPDATE - We have been told that the Millard Airport is no longer taking donations.

At the Millard Airport, pilots donated their planes, fuel and time to bring supplies to Fremont.

“It’s just a fun opportunity to give back to people who are stranded,” Wade Mayfield, pilot said. “They are stuck, they don't have any other options and to be able to come with friends to ferry stuff up and carry people home, it’s just the best of humanity I guess to be able to all come together and to be able to help like that.”

Jim Davis caught a flight to Omaha to see a doctor.

“It was good news,” Davis said. “A lot of the doctors can't make it to the Fremont hospital and so the only way I could get my treatment was to come here today.”

Davis describes Fremont as a muddy island. He said his house burned down two days before the flood.

“I haven't had all bad luck,” Davis said. “I just haven't been able to think of any good luck lately.”

Volunteers on the ground at the Millard Airport collected donations from the community and loaded them on planes.

Crystal Sandoval is a Medication Aid at an assisted living home in Fremont. She is flying to work to relieve colleagues who have been on duty since Friday. She isn’t sure when she will make it back home.

“It depends when the roads open back up I guess,” Sandoval said. “I'm hoping for maybe a week so then I can go back home and do things back home. But if it’s got to be longer, it’s got to be longer.”

It’s only a 20 minute flight and Mayfield has made dozens of them the past two days.

“You put yourself in their shoes, they don't have any option, there is no roadways in,” Mayfield said. “They are water locked in there so that’s a pretty desperate feeling for them.”

The generosity at the Millard Airport proves Nebraska Nice is more than just a slogan.