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Plattsmouth seeing flooding after heavy rains across the state

Posted at 6:12 PM, Jun 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-27 19:12:28-04

Heavy rain has been impacting areas of Nebraska this week by causing flooding. Plattsmouth is dealing with flooding currently and for residents who remember the flooding of 2011 they say that for now they don’t expect any trouble. But they are keeping an eye on the water levels.


What once used to be fields is now filled with water. “This is kinda unexpected because it had been dry and the river bed’s kinda high and with all the rain fall above, that’s what pushed it on up,” said Don Aylor, a Plattsmouth resident. Today residents of Plattsmouth were out checking the water levels and their property to make sure they weren’t in danger of damages. “Today come down just to check on the camper, look at the river, make sure I’m right, I don’t have to worry,” said Aylor.


Mayor Paul Lambert says water levels like this are common to see in town. “We’ll being in the confluence of the Platte with the Missouri we see flood water from both rivers occasionally, it’s a normal thing that goes on,” said Lambert. But the city is still preparing for the possibility of future rain…the big concern for Plattsmouth. Water levels are expected to peek later this week in town according to the National Weather Service. “We’re preparing now sandbags if we have to sandbag but at the present time we are doing ok,” said Lambert.


Aylor remembers the flooding Plattsmouth had in 2011 and says for now he’s not worried about having to move his trailer away from the water. “We’re not gonna loose our trailer I’ll tell you that. They say it’s gonna get a little higher but I don’t think it’s gonna get high enough to get up here,” said Aylor.


And Mayor Lambert says that during that flood they were able to keep the water plant running so they should have no trouble keeping people and their belongings safe during future floods. If the water continues to rise the mayor says that there are plans in place to keep the town safe.