Police arrest man after they say he stole cars from Omaha dealerships

Posted at 6:48 PM, Sep 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-21 19:50:06-04

“He did exactly what every customer would do, so I didn't notice anything strange,” said Ill Ergashev.

Ill Ergashev says he was happy to help 33-year-old Justin Gaston when he came to Red City Brothers Auto around closing time last Friday. 

Ergashev says he was in a hurry to close, but agreed to take Gaston on a quick test drive. 

"I thought that he was going to wait right here and park and wait for us. I’m like what's happening,” said Ergashev.

When Ergashev went inside to grab his son, Gaston took off in the 2010 Altima. 

Police say back in August Gaston did the same thing at Select Auto near 62nd and L.  He got away with a pickup truck.  

Gaston was out on parole after serving time for felony burglary in 2015.  On Tuesday, he ended up back behind bars. 

“They pulled up and the salesman stepped away just for a moment and the customer jumped in the car and took off,” said the Used Cars Sales Manager at Baxter.

Police say on Tuesday afternoon Gaston stole a Honda Ridgeline truck from Baxter near Westroads Mall after a test drive.  Gaston was spotted in the truck Tuesday evening.  After a pursuit, police arrested him near 72nd and Grover.  Gaston faces several felony charges.

Baxter got their stolen truck back on Wednesday.  Red City Brothers Auto and Auto Select say they have yet to get their stolen vehicles back.