Police find van stolen from tornado victims

Posted at 10:10 PM, Jul 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-13 00:11:58-04

The tornado that ripped through parts of Bellevue left the Charache’s home destroyed, then on Monday thieves stole their family van.

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Wednesday morning police found the van in a neighborhood near 13th and G st., but they are still looking for the people who stole it.

“The van had been found and basically anything that was not held down was taken out of it, it was stripped inside” said Jason Charahce.

He said the van already had bad damage from their roof falling on top of it, but police told him now there was even more and one thing is puzzling police.

“They are trying to find out how the tires were flat, but then they drove the car, and when they found the car it was like nothing was wrong with the tires.”

The thieves also took all his children’s belongings in the car, “When you steal from my kids it makes it a bigger issue for me,” said Charache.

The van is now at the impound lot and police are investigating.

“Maybe Omaha and Bellevue together, knock a couple heads together, and come up with something and maybe this one thing can lead to something bigger,” added Charache.

He said the outpour of support from the community was surprising and amazing and he is asking for help in trying to find out who stole his van.

“I hope somebody says something because you don't know the next time it could happen to know and you hope someone does it for you.”

The van was stolen Monday morning around 6:30am from the Two Springs neighborhood in Bellevue.