Police respond to armed man in Omaha Walmart

There are no reports of injuries
Posted at 12:29 PM, Jun 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-30 10:04:15-04

Police responded to reports of a man with a shotgun inside a Walmart at 99th Street and Blair High Road at 11:45am Thursday. The store was evacuated and put on lockdown.

Kydale Lindsay, 21, has been booked on 4 counts of terroristic threats and 4 counts of use of a firearm to commit a felony. 

OPD says  Lindsay and another suspect were located in the breakroom of the store when they were detained.  A loaded shotgun was recovered at the scene.

More than 50 employees and customers were evacuated from the store, and were let back in more than an hour later.


Lindsay's mother, Lisa, says she previously called police because her son's mental health was recently deteriorating.  She says they didn't commit him, and Lindsay later purchased a shotgun because he didn't have a record and because he could.



She says he'd worked as a manager at that Walmart and quit a few weeks ago.  She claims he came back today with his shotgun in hand just to pick up his paycheck.

"We know everybody in the store knows him and he's a good person, he's supervising stuff, they know who he is so he wasn't there to rob the store or nothing because they know him by name and face and everything,” Lisa explained.

Lisa says her son stood in line with the shotgun to get his check before police arrived.  She hoped her son would've been able to get help before it came to this.

"The bottom line to this whole story is I asked for them to get him help to take him right there but I guess they don't want to take away someone's civil rights so something has to change about that,” Lisa concluded.

No one was injured during the incident.

Walmart re-opened a few hours later.