Polish Fest brings same company from May tragedy

Posted at 10:39 PM, Aug 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-21 23:39:43-04
An 11-year-old girl was injured on a Cinco de Mayo festival ride four months ago.
Sunday, there was concern at Omaha’s Polish Festival after parents realized the same company that operates the rides there, brought the rides to the Cinco de Mayo event. 
"It does make you think twice," said Patrick Sargent, father of three.
Sargent’s kids on the same rides operated by the company involved in May’s accident is concerning, he said.
“I kind of wish maybe a representative would be here walking around comforting people, possibly saying: 'we fixed that problem, we're working on changing some issues and policies,'" Sargent said. 
If representatives from the ride company were at the Polish Festival, festival goer Sabrina Pond says she would have questions for them.
"What have you done to make it safer after that incident? And, do you think that it would happen again? What would you do if that happened to someone you were related to?" Pond said. 
Parents say they hope the ride company, Thomas D. Thomas, learned from its mistake.
"Hopefully they've learned and everyone else has understood the situation and we don't have to worry about going through that again," Sargent said. 
While watching her 9-year-old sister on rides Sunday, Sabrina pond says any accident is one too many.
"I would hope that them bringing the rides here, there's nothing that's gone wrong in any type of ride that they've had,” Pond said. “But, not everything can be perfect.” 
The ride, King of Crowns, which severely hurt an Omaha girl in May, was not at the Polish Festival.
King of Crowns was reportedly working properly during the accident.