Political experts weigh in on Hillary Clinton's Omaha visit

Posted at 6:24 PM, Jul 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-28 19:24:47-04

Hillary Clinton's Campaign announced she will appear at Omaha North High School at 4:30 Monday afternoon.  But, some are wondering why Omaha and why now?

In December, Hillary Clinton made an appearance at Sokol Auditorium ahead of the March Caucus.  On Thursday she will accept the Democratic Presidential Nomination and on Monday Clinton will be in Omaha. 

“I’m surprised in a sense that she is coming to Omaha so soon.  To me what it says is that she isn’t really concerned about nailing down the battleground states,” said Randall Adkins. 

UNO Political Science Professor Randall Adkins says Clinton is probably feeling comfortable about states like Ohio and Florida and she wants to head into predominately Republican states.

“I think right now she probably has such a financial advantage over Donald Trump’s campaign that she can pretty much compete where ever she wants,” said Adkins.

In 2008, Barack Obama won Nebraska’s Second Congressional District.  It was the first time a Nebraskan Electoral Vote went to a Democrat since 1964. 

“The state is changing.  Now the Democratic nominee three days after, four days after the nomination is in Omaha,” said Vince Powers.

Over the phone, from the Democratic National Conventional, Vince Powers the Chair of Nebraska’s Democratic Party says thanks to the 2008 caucus, he believes Democrats in Nebraska are back in play.  Clinton is going after the Second Congressional District Electoral vote. 

“It's a terrific compliment to all the democrats in CD2,” said Powers.

Professor Adkins believes this campaign stop may also have something to do with Clinton trying to keep Democratic Congressman Brad Ashford in the House.  Ashford is up for re-election and CD2 is his district. 

“By Clinton spending money to get out the vote and by spending money to register Democratic voters, that will probably bring other voters out for him too that may not have voted otherwise,” said Adkins.

Ashford’s campaign said he will be out of town when Hillary Clinton is in Omaha on Monday.