Positively the Heartland: Local salon serves as safe space

Posted at 10:15 AM, Jun 17, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-17 19:12:20-04

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — Jordan Palmer and Alex Bauer of JPalm hairdressing have created a safe space in their salon.

"At JPalm we want it very comfortable and we want everybody, no matter who they are, to have the same experience, so we want it welcoming," said Palmer.

JPalm celebrates its clients and who they are. They openly celebrate pride, ask customers their pronouns, and offer genderless pricing.

Palmer said hair is a huge part of how someone expresses themselves and no one should feel ashamed to ask for what they want.

"People wanting to express themselves and not being in a place where they felt comfortable doing it. There's pretty blonde girls everywhere and there's mirrors plastered on the walls and you do the walk of shame to whatever station your hairdresser is at. Can you imagine being a trans person and having to ask for a gender-affirming haircut for the first time in a space like that, it's really hard," said Palmer.

The space is also very accessible.

"Even with the sinks, the chairs pull away so people who have mobility aids can just come directly up to a sink and most sinks in salons are all one unit so it makes it really hard for people in things like power chairs and mobility aids to have their hair washed which is a big part of the salon experience," said Bauer.

Not only do they honor who their clients are, but the salon also helps them go through hardships. JPalm offers free haircuts to people who are about to undergo medical treatments that cause hair loss.

"You might as well have cute hair while it's falling out," said Palmer.

The warm feeling when you walk in, while intentional, is also simply an extension of who they are.

"Obviously we are a gay couple and I think it's one thing to just be able to see yourself in the people that you go to whether it's your hairdresser or your doctor or things like that and so if people are already coming to Jordan because they feel safer with her as a person, the space should be safe for them as well," said Bauer.

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