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Positivity at 72nd and Dodge: An Omaha woman wished to spread positivity for her birthday

'We want them to know that they matter'
Posted at 7:00 PM, Sep 09, 2022

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — With recent events, people in Omaha felt the need to spread a little positivity along one of the busiest intersections in Omaha. It looked like holding some positive signs would do the trick.

Dancing, cheering and honking. A birthday wish come true.

"I'm so grateful, just so grateful, like this is exactly what I wanted," Sasha Berscheid, the birthday girl and founder of Project Intentional Inc., said.

Berscheid organized the event as her own birthday wish, to send a reminder of hope.

"We just really, honestly, at the end of the day want to make people smile and we want them to know that they matter," she said.

A creative counter-protest of sorts spread a message of love to the community.

"What if we just raised awareness for happiness and love and kindness and we just spent three hours being very intentional with our energy and our time and just spread cheer," she said.

People joined in to help her make this a reality.

"I don't want to be silent when there is crankiness going on. I want to be the person that cheers people up," Kat Hope Jones, an Omaha resident, said.

All the signs that filled the sidewalk, along 72nd and Dodge, said something a little different, but all promote a similar message.

"I can tag you into kindness and then you can tag someone else and the next thing you know we are creating a ripple effect of positivity in Omaha," Berscheid said.

Signs displayed phrases like "so glad you are here" or "you matter."

"Anyone can be positive and anyone can be kind and its a mindset, and you just have to be intentional with it," she said.

She hopes to continue this tradition on her birthday in the years to come.

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