Post Office Rush Is On for Last Minute Gifts

Posted at 11:08 AM, Dec 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-19 12:13:21-05

The mad Christmas rush is on for the Elkhorn Post Office.  Boxes of gifts were piled high since employees got in at 6am.

“An extra 10 palettes that were supposed to be worked for Saturday, and due to the weather delay, we’re working them all today.  So, we have 18 palettes of Amazon, roughly 2200 packages,” said Supervisor Mike Banks.

Banks said nearly 1000 packages from their biggest customer,, come in each day, and they’ll keep coming until Christmas Eve.

 “It is a ton of extra work, but we are very excited to handle the workload,” said Banks.

“It just keeps building. Keep getting more and more the closer you get,” said Wayne Goodrich, a rural carrier from Woodbine, Iowa who comes in to help during the Christmas rush.

“This is my second year, I ain’t scared,” said Goodrich.

All the carriers today will make about 4 trips with a fully loaded truck just to keep up with the high volume.

Three post offices in the Omaha area also opened their lobbies this Sunday to help customers get their packages delivered on time.

Elkhorn, the main downtown office, and Postal Impressions Retail all had Sunday hours.

“During this month of December, we know that we’re going to be here and take care of the customer,” said Banks.

“Everybody’s happy to get stuff in the mail! ‘Specially when you know it’s not going to be bills in a box!” said Goodrich.

Banks says that if you want your packages delivered on time for Christmas, he recommends sending them Priority mail by Monday or Tuesday, and Priority Express after that.  The post office will not be delivering on Christmas Day, but will resume the day after.