Potholes being filled as quick as the city can

Posted at 5:29 PM, Feb 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-09 18:29:42-05

Pothole problems, they happen every year in Omaha after the snow melts and the frustration mounts.

“They all over the place,” said Corey Inserra.

“Just frustrating, a lot of potholes and I am tired of dealing with all these bumps,” said Corey Inserra.

“They are huge and if you are not watching them your car is going to suffer,” said Valerie Vasquez.

The City of Omaha is trying to take on these potholes as quickly as possible.

KMTV followed a crew who was patching holes along Center. Right now they are filling the holes with a cold patch because the weather is too cold to use hot asphalt.

“The materials they use, with the cold patch, it’s hard to get them, it has to be 50 above I know that,” said Inserra.

Some drivers understand there is only so much city crews can do to cover all the pot holes in town

“They are doing the best they can,” said Inserra.

The city said it plans to pay an asphalt plant to open up early next week because the weather looks like it will be warmer. 

One driver said this news is good to hear, “If they actually start doing something the I won't have to start ducking and dodging causing almost danger for myself and other drivers.”

The cold patches that are being used now are not a permanent fix, but they can help smooth the drive for everyone across town.