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Preparing for a week of winter weather

How to prepare for cold Halloween temperatures
Posted at 7:08 PM, Oct 28, 2019

OMAHA, Neb. — Get ready folks.

With snowfall expected this week and even some ice, it may be time to start gearing up for winter weather. Employees at Westlake Ace Hardware Store on 55th and Center said last year the demand for ice melt was so high they couldn't keep up.

"We couldn't keep it in stock fast enough because customers were needing it on a regular basis because of the amount of snow and freezing weather that we had," Westlake Ace Hardware sales associate John Sinovice said.

They say demand is already growing for ice melt this year even though there hasn't been any snowfall - yet.

"Get it while you can and prepare properly and just be ready when the snow hits," Sinovice said.

With cold weather and chances of snow moving in this week, your Thursday night Halloween plans may be affected. If you haven't goten a costume already, you may want to buy a size up and layer up.

"A lot of the costumes are made are made of thin material, so they aren't really warm at all. I always try to suggest the parents to maybe buy a size bigger because that way they can put a sweatshirt on or a hoodie on underneath of it," Mangelsen's prop room manager, Jeremy Lubash said.

You can even get away with wearing a hat underneath your masks, without affecting the appearance.

"You know, be safe when you're out there," Lubash said.

If you have travel plans for Halloween remember that as cold weather moves in, so do dangerous driving conditions.

"Especially when you're dealing with that first snow storm, people just forget about snow and ice and how you have to change your driving habits for that," Lieutenant Michael Grummert of Nebraska State Patrol said.

Nebraska State Patrol wants to remind everyone of some safe driving tips in the winter.

"Always wear your seat belt, make sure you always travel a safe following distance and just lay off the cruise control," Lieutenant Grummert said.

You can run but you can't hide from the spookiest thing of all - winter.