President candidate Bernie Sanders campaigns...

Posted at 11:03 PM, Jan 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-20 00:11:46-05

The snow and freezing weather didn’t stop hundreds from gathering in Underwood, Iowa to hear presidential candidate Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. The senator has narrowed the gap between him and Hillary Clinton.

Speaking in front of a young crowds, with a banner reading, “A Future To Believe In”, Sanders touts his plan on how the future would be brighter under a Sanders administration.

“Have the courage to take on some very very powerful people and special interests,” said Sanders.

Senator Senators touched on pay equity, health care, reducing, unemployment, and fixing the criminal justice system.

“It costs less money to send somebody to the University of Iowa than to lock them up--let’s send them to the University of Iowa,” said Sanders.

Addressing campaign finances, Sen. Sanders says he’s not taking money from billionaires or special interests, “We are the only candidate on the Democratic side not to have a super PAC, and I'm proud of it”.

That stance resonates with some voters.

“I think Bernie is legitimate and what he says is not for sale,” said event attendee Mahmud Fitil.

In this town hall, Sen. Sanders listened to the crowd’s concerns on gun control and student debt among other topics.

With the Iowa caucus less than two weeks away, Sen. Sanders said voter turnout will determine if he’ll win.

“We stand a really good chance to win in Iowa,” said Sanders.

Sen. Sanders said he’s talked to over 40-thousand Iowans over his 9-month campaign so far.