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Prop "Movie Money" going around in La Vista

The fake money has been used for a transaction
Posted at 6:54 PM, Nov 06, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-06 19:54:39-05

LA VISTA, Neb. — "Movie Money" - it's a great tool for Major Motion Pictures. It's the money you see being thrown into the air and in suitcases in movies like "Wolf of Wall Street". But it's not meant for real life use.

On Wednesday the La Vista Police Department sent out a warning on social media, of someone using prop money on trade and sell websites in the local area.

"The warning on this money, while very small, it does tell you it's not legal money," La Vista Police Officer Dana Miller said.

This particular incident happened when an individual was selling some items on Facebook Marketplace. He found a buyer that was interested in some items, the two met up at a Walmart parking lot on 96th and Giles Rd. The seller didn't think too much of the transaction until he inspected the money later in the day. It was fake.

"It was approx. $500," Officer Miller said.

Prop money is legal to buy.

"I did a google search and found multiple different websites with multiple different types of prop money," Officer Miller said.

But it is not legal to use for transactions. Police say instances like this become more common as the holiday season approaches.

"We see counterfeit money around the holidays and then we also see counterfeit money when it comes to these online sales," Officer Miller said.

If you're going to buy or sell on these types of trading websites, police have some tips:

- Meet in a public place for the exchange

-Meet in the daytime when there is light out

-Make sure you are asking for the identity of the person you are trading with.

-Inspect the money and product for fishy labels before leaving the transaction

La Vista Police need your help identifying the individual who provided the prop money. The younger black male drove a violet-colored minivan with no rims. The car did not have a license plate. If you have any information, call La Vista Police.