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Prospect Hill Cemetery recognizes Omaha's founders during ceremony

Posted at 3:35 PM, May 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-28 19:13:23-04

Dozens spent the day at Prospect Hill Cemetery on Monday for a different kind of Memorial Day ceremony. 

Billed as one of Nebraska's oldest cemeteries at 32nd and Parker, Prospect Hill Cemetery is home to the gravesites many of Omaha's founders.

The old-fashioned ceremony brings in people wearing clothing from the 1800s and a 21 musket salute which is why many choose to go here on Memorial Day. 

"Since I come from a pioneer family, we have lots of ancestors that have given their lives," said Irene Astleford. 

"It's a history lesson and you reflect back you go wow I travel around Farnam Street and Nichols so on and so forth," said George Grillo who attended the ceremony. 

The cemetery is a draw for people like Grillo, a former history teacher, "So therefore I like to look around at the graves and see many of the founding fathers of Omaha".

This is the 39th year the cemetery hosted this event and Lannie McNichols has been there since the beginning, "It's a wonderful, wonderful place, it's the history of Omaha."

She said this event helps bring to light the importance of this cemetery, "The place had really been neglected for some time, obviously everybody paid for perpetual care but a lot of those people have died off."

The non-profit who takes care of the cemetery is also looking for donations and people to help keep the area beautiful.