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PSC denies motions on Keystone XL decision

PSC denies motions on Keystone XL decision
Posted at 3:35 PM, Dec 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-19 20:35:15-05

The Public Service Commission denied two separate motions in a 5-0 vote to alter its decision from the November 20th vote to approve the Keystone XL mainline alternative route.

This comes after the Sierra Club filed a motion to dismiss TranCanada's entire application and TransCanada wanting the commission to amend its application for its preferred route. 

Ken Winston, a lawyer representing the Sierra Club said he believes this will go to the court of appeals next, "We hope that TransCanada will decide that this isn't worth it to try and continue to pursue this it's always been a bad idea."

Bold Nebraska founder Jane Kleeb said they are already reaching out to landowners in the approved Mainline Alternative Route, "We've been having really good meetings with landowners they are nervous, they are scared they are angry that they didn't know they were on the route."

TransCanada said it will take its time to review this decision before taking any action saying in a statement, "Keystone XL remains a viable project with strong commercial support and we remain committed to this project. It is important to remember that this project continues to have widespread support of the U.S. and Canadian federal governments,  as well as state officials in Montana, South Dakota and Nebraska. President Trump and his administration continue to actively support Keystone XL and we expect to secure final federal permits in early 2018."

Both sides have 30 days to file an appeal of this decision.