Public works employee hit

Posted at 5:46 PM, Jan 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-23 18:46:05-05

Salvatore Fidone was preparing to fix potholes near 144th and Ust. when he was struck by a black Toyota Camry.

La Vista Public Works Superintendent says these types of event remind employees of the dangers of the job.

Maintaining a public road for driver safety did not go as planned for one Omaha Public Works employee this Monday morning.

"He was struck by another vehicle coming northbound on 144th St."

Police say Salvatore Fidone was standing in a curb lane blocked by a Public Works truck when a 2012 black Toyota Camry drifted into his lane

He was rushed to Nebraska Medicine with a head injury and he remains in critical condition.

"It takes incidents like this to remind people how severe conditions it can be out there."

Street Superintendent of La Vista Public Works Rocky Henkel says he is constantly reminding road workers about the risk of the job.

"We also stress not to become complacent and be aware of your surroundings."

Working alongside traffic Henkel says they take a number of steps to keep employees safe.

"Depending on the operation we will have barricades, arrow boards, keeping distance between the vehicles and the operations."

Henkel says protective equipment is just another way to try to get drivers to pay closer attention.

"Slow down, be safe, be aware of your surrounding and be in consideration of everyone else that is on the road."

According to the US Department of Transportation there were 669 fatalities from crashes in work zones in 2014.

That equals to at least 1.8 work zone related fatalities a day.

The driver of the Camry Alan Solarana was cooperating with police.

 Police say neither speed nor alcohol was a factor.