Race for 2nd district tightens

Posted at 11:12 PM, Aug 31, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-01 00:12:29-04

Labor day weekend is the traditional beginning of the fall political season when voters ‘dial in’ and pay much closer attention.

In Omaha, Democrat Hillary Clinton has vowed to fight for district two. Republicans believe they will hold onto it. 

Tuesday night, the Clinton campaign opened up their second headquarters in Omaha.

“We're gratified because that's what activates this community, the fact that this campaign has had the respect to be here,” said Clinton supporter Preston Love Jr.

Love Jr. says the offices popping up around Omaha shows the community how invested the Clinton campaign is to winning here, “This campaign has made a commitment to North Omaha by having a office, they have many staffer here that they are paying and that's a big decision in a red state.”

Whereas Donald Trump supporter and steering committee member Hal Daub things otherwise.

“Putting a huge investment in an office here didn't seem to our campaign committee like a prudent investment,” said Daub.

He said right now the campaign is sitting comfortable, focusing more on social media.

“Our optimism might be proven to you by the fact that we haven't employed 20 people in an Omaha office for Donald Trump,” said Daub.

According to Nate Silver's fifty-thirty eight polling--Clinton leads Trump by eleven points Wednesday evening in the second district.

However Real Clear Politics has Trump with the slight edge.

KMTV talked with University of Nebraska-Omaha political science professor Paul Landow to give us his thoughts on this race so far.

“It's pretty clear that Hillary Clinton’s thinking she could win this thing,” said Landow.

Landow says it's telling by the amount of effort spent on offices and TV ads spent by the campaigns.

“Trump’s people don't seem to be making any sort of investment in the second district, at least not yet,” said Landow.

If the nationally polling stay the same for Trump, Landow said the campaign may fly over the second district.

“Trump may write it off because he has so many other fish to fry.”

Clinton has promised to come back to Omaha and dance in the streets with Warren Buffett if she wins district two.

Daub said they plan to open a Trump campaign office in Omaha in the next couple weeks.