Ragbrai starts and riders are ready for the heat

Posted at 6:32 PM, Jul 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-24 19:32:07-04

Ragbrai started this weekend and thousands of cyclists started the tour of Iowa in Glenwood Sunday morning.

The riders will make their way across southern Iowa and this year they are starting right after a heat wave rolled through the area.

“It would be great if it didn't hit 105, that would be wonderful,” said cyclist Patrick Vint.

“It was swampy, it was a very swampy first day, but we have a breeze,” said rider from team Randall.

Riders come from all over the country, and some aren't used to the humidity.

“I have been practicing in New Mexico and we have been in the triple digit weather for at least 16-17 days, but it is dry heat, here it is humid,” said Enedina Vazquez.

Water will be the key to success. Everyone got started on the first ride to Malvern Sunday morning.

With the heat and humidity, some riders have a plan to keep hydrated and safe.

“I am the designated rider, I train for it, I did one beer and I do it and these guys can drink and safely maneuver the roads,” said Team Derell.

“Drink a bunch of water at the top of ever hill and you usually do ok, and try to drink one beer with one water,” said Vint.