Rally for Justice shows eagerness for change

Posted at 11:04 PM, Jul 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-14 00:04:41-04

Wednesday's open dialogue between police and dozens of community members at Benson Park was part one of a long journey ahead to restore the relationship between both sides. 

Community members and police officers took turns at the podium to share testimonies on the current nationwide tensions, race, and inclusion. 

"Testimonies bring real life to situations," says Kim Sherrod-Nichols. "The tragedies that have occurred kind of opened people's eyes to come together collectively and stay from Black versus White. It's us together for us to move forward."

Event organizers urged those in attendance to steer away from Black versus Blue. 

"They're humans behind the badges. Male or female, they have a life and they have children too. They have dreams at night just like you do. So to make this a black against blue, something is wrong with you," says Dale Carter.
Robert Wagner, who was one of the lead organizers for the rally said the community needs to focus on building relationships and communication between individuals and police. But proven by the willingness shown by citizens and police together in the area, Wagner says they've already proven how eager Omaha is for change. 
"Today's event really showed how close we are as people. Whether we come from different backgrounds or whether we're law enforcement or not, we all still have the same desire for inclusion," says Carter.
"We're in this together, to reduce violence, to make this a better community, and we appreciate the opportunity to speak here and be here with you," Lt. Ken Kanger told the community. 
Organizers say they want constructive conversations between parties to continue and will plan more inclusive events in the near future.