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Rally for trans rights at Nebraska State Capitol

People gathered at the steps of the State Capitol to protest for trans rights. Certain restrictions on gender-affirming care went into effect this Sunday.
Posted at 11:24 AM, Oct 02, 2023

LINCOLN, Neb. (KMTV) — Colorful shirts, signs, and flags filled the steps at the Nebraska State Capitol. The bold messaging stands out among a sea of people.

"When the state tries to take away our healthcare, we show up," said Aryn Huck, community organizer for OutNebraska.

That's exactly what hundreds of people did, Sunday. Certain restrictions on gender-affirming care from LB 574 went into effect on Sunday.

It would require transgender people under the age of 19 who want gender-affirming care to receive 40 hours of therapy after their diagnosis of "a long-lasting and intense pattern of gender nonconformity" or dysphoria that began at puberty.

They must also have lived at least six months as their preferred gender.

It has to be determined if puberty blockers would be effective.

After discussions with the patient — and their parents or guardians — there's an additional seven-day waiting period to start the prescriptions. Many question the restrictions.

"October 1st is not a happy day for our community," said Grant Friedman, legal fellow with the ACLU of Nebraska. "I'm so glad we're all here to show and speak out to the fact it is the decision of doctors on their medical expertise and not of our legislators to decide what is medically necessary care."

Nathan Hé found it important to be here. He said to show up for his community.

"To be very honest, I'm terrified. Petrified. But, at the same time, seeing what's happening around here and seeing the amount of people show up to support me, I'm also hopeful," said Hé.

Advocates said it's a battle they will continue to fight, hoping one day for all healthcare needs to be met.

"The Nebraska that I dream about and I hope I can share this with all of you is one where everyone belongs," said Huck. "And all of our needs are met."

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