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Ralston funeral director returns from NYC; says wear a mask

Posted at 6:12 PM, May 06, 2020

RALSTON, Neb. (KMTV) -- — A funeral director from the metro area has returned since helping with the overwhelming number of deaths in New York.

Corey Starr is the Funeral Director with Nepute Cremation Service who went to help other funeral homes in New York City for 10 days. He’s come home and finished his isolation period.

Starr did administrative work to helped the cremation process go efficiently, and says everyone was doing 12-16 hour days to keep up.

He says some funeral homes were helping with four times the number of death certificates then they normally do.

“These weren’t all older individuals, they got younger for quite a while there. When I would go through and I’m looking at 45, 55, 60 years old and thinking these people still would have been home with their families had they not gotten sick and was sent to the hospital for help and then no one could come see them before they passed,” Starr explained.

Starr’s concerned for Nebraska since our numbers are still increasing. He hopes people realize how important it is to wear a mask and social distance since it’s not about you it’s about everyone around you because those infected may not show any symptoms.