Ralston man charged with second-degree murder, held without bond

Posted at 9:39 AM, Jul 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-19 15:09:36-04

Dustin Salisbury, 52, was charged with second-degree murder and use of a weapon to commit a felony in the death of 23-year-old Jessi Domingo.

Domingo's shoes and cell phone were found near Salisbury's vehicle and he died of blunt force trauma consistent with being hit by a vehicle. 

According to police, Domingo's body was found in the back corner of a garage at 11 a.m. on June 22, about seven hours earlier Domingo had called his cousin and told him "it's okay, I'm about to die," before his phone went dead. Minutes later, Salisbury called 911 to report the accident. 

Salisbury, who served in the Army and had been previously deployed to Iraq, told police he remembers nothing of the incident because his PTSD had been triggered. 

Salisbury is being held without bond.