Ranch owners targeted by thieves left...

Posted at 5:21 PM, Jan 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-21 18:21:29-05

A Dodge County family that runs an animal rescue farm in North Bend is devastated after somebody shot and killed one of their horses last weekend.

KMTV first told you about the Tompkins two weeks ago when they wanted to get the word out that someone was cutting the hair off horse’s tails. They are now worried their warning lead to the death of one of their horses.

The animals on the Tompkins farm are more than just rescue animals.

“They are not just horses,” said Vickie Tompkins.

“They are our family, not just horses,” said Bruce Tompkins.

Sunday afternoon Bruce Tompkins went to check on their horses, and found their Tennessee Walker, Jill, had been shot on her right side

“We tried to get her up and found blood all underneath her where just was just laying,” said Tompkins.

Vickie Tompkins said the image of Jill on the ground will haunt her forever, “walk out there and see my horse laying the snow bleeding out and freezing to death, that is not a very easy thing to get over.”

They were unable to get a vet out to their farm, and Jill had to be put down.

“It’s bad enough we had to be victimized, but now we have to be terrorized too,” said Vickie Tompkins.
They are now taking precaution on their farm.

“I carry a pistol when I go out to feed,” said Tompkins.
The Tompkins are heartbroken over Jill’s death. She was their first rescue horse and the horse they got married on.

“She was a big part of our life,” said Tompkins.

They are worried that whoever shot Jill did it because they warned people about the tail cutting.

“It is a revenge thing, because there is such a rash of this horse hair theft going on, it is a retaliation,” said Vickie Tompkins.

They said the Dodge County Sheriff Office is helping them as much as they can, but worry the rest of their animals are in danger.

“Please stop, we have had enough,” said Vickie Tompkins.