Rare identical triplets born to Nebraska City parents

Posted at 5:26 PM, Jul 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-21 21:41:43-04

A Nebraska City couple may soon be able to bring home their identical triplets from an Omaha hospital.

Doctors generally agree there is a one in a million chance of having identical triplets without fertility treatments. Methodist Women's Hospital has delivered two sets in two years.

Lindsey and Derek Teten become pregnant for the first time in December. The couple talked about having one child, maybe two. During an ultrasound at their doctor's office in Nebraska City, the pair learned they were having triplets.

They were referred to Methodist Women's Hospital, where doctors were able to maneuver medical challenges during Lindsey's pregnancies.

"There were a lot of people who knew we were pregnant and would kind of ask, 'Why aren't you guys excited and yelling this is so great?' but you know, in those first few weeks, we didn't know where we were headed with the pregnancy," Lindsey said.

She had to have surgery while pregnant.

"[The surgery was] another thing that is very very rare and she just took everything in stride," said her doctor, maternal-fetal medicine specialist Brendan Connealy.

Doctors were also concerned little Adeline wasn't getting enough oxygen in the womb.

Dr. David Minderman, the neotatologist for Juliet, Adeline, and Marian, say the babies are feeding and breathing on their own so well, they may get to go home to their farmhouse in Nebraska City as early as next week.

Mom and dad say that's when the fun begins — raising three girls and hopefully able to keep telling them apart.

"We've got the smaller one so that's working for us, at least for now," the parents said. "So you kind of know who she is. And the other two, though, as they're getting older, definitely looking more and more like each other. So it'll definitely get more difficult once we get them home."