Realtor to stand trial for murder

Posted at 10:24 AM, Feb 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-10 18:12:49-05
A West Omaha realtor will stand trial for 2nd degree murder.
A judge found enough probable cause for Dirk Blume to stand trial for the January murder of Seth Hansen.
Prosecutors say Blume deliberately ran over Hansen with his pickup truck as he was taking out the trash while closing up the Speedee Mart near 138th & W. Maple Rd. because he wouldn't re-open the store. Blume had been in an argument with Hansen minutes before the incident.  Investigators say Blume went to at least 3 bars and tried to buy chewing tobacco at 2 other closed gas stations before going to the Speedee Mart.
Blume was later arrested at the real estate office where he worked.  Investigators say he had changed the license plates on his truck before police seized it as evidence.
“Just the pure senselessness of it, drinking and a can of chew doesn't add up in anybody's book to a human life," said Matt Thalken, a close friend of Hansen’s
The defense argued the charge should be manslaughter since it's unclear who was driving the truck in the video.
Investigators say after the killing Blume admitted to a close friend what he had done.
"Holy (expletive) Jeff, that's me that did that," Blume allegedly told a friend after seeing it on the news.
Blume will now move to District Court for the trial process. He hasn't been assigned a judge yet. He's still being held at the Douglas Co. Jail without bond.