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Record number of women running for office in Nebraska

Posted at 10:10 PM, May 11, 2018

Between last year's Women's March and the ‘Me Too’ movement women are making their presence known in the political arena. They also hope to shake up the status quo if voters elect them into office. 

Lincoln city council-member and US Senate candidate Jane Raybould believes that once most women get a job in politics, they take a different approach than their male counterparts.

"When more women get on boards and when more women get elected to political office, there's a different dynamic that's in play, I think generally there's a lot more listening going on and a lot less egos into play.

The odds of more women advancing to seats of power has never been better in Nebraska. 

In fact, more women are running this year than the the past two mid-terms combined. 

14 women are running for the state legislature, which is easily more than ran the last couple of elections. 

Business owner Megan Hunt is one of the many ladies running for the unicameral in 2018. 
She hopes to be the first woman to represent Omaha's 8th district. 

"Women have been more emboldened and more empowered and more confident than ever over the last decade plus and I see so many people, women, people of color, the LGBT community, all different marginalized groups who are saying we really want representation in our government."

Jane Skinner, who is trying to unseat Charlie Janssen for state auditor, says events over the past few years have women paying more attention to politics than they have in the past.

"We're just tired, we want people who look like us, who sound like us and represent our interest and men don't seem to be doing a really excellent job of that."

Hunt says she has knocked on 12,000 doors in her district that includes Benson and Dundee. 
While canvassing, she is sometimes reminded just what she is up against.  

"I have gotten sexist remarks at the door absolutely, I mean I'm a woman, I'm a single mother and I'm really proud of our accomplishments I have as a person and that's what I want people to see when they look at me of course.

Currently women make up about 27 percent of the Nebraska Legislature.
At the federal level Senator Deb Fischer is the only female member of Nebraska's Congressional Delegation.