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Refurbished Christmas decor brings holiday cheer during pandemic

Posted at 10:01 AM, Dec 26, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-26 13:05:24-05

PLATTSMOUTH, Neb. (KMTV) — They say one man trash is another man's treasure. One Plattsmouth man has put a holiday twist on that saying.

Chance Alan Poulos has spent the last four months decorating his house for Christmas. He's traveled over 4,200 miles picking up items and knick knacks from other people.

"I’ve actually traveled a little over 4,200 miles in the last four months. I’ve been as far as Lincoln, North Platte, I’ve been out to Des Moines, I went to Kansas City actually just last week. I got to meet a lot of people in a lot of different circumstances and then when I send them the pictures of how I’ve used and put this as a part of how this all looks it just warms their hearts. They really are so thankful and they’re glad it went to a good place for other people to enjoy as well," Poulos said.

He's found items through Facebook marketplace. While he's been able to decorate for Christmas, he's also been able to help people financially throughout the pandemic while doing so.

"I told them what I was using it for and they’d say, 'Oh my gosh,' and when they’d say this is $5 or this is $20, depending on what the prices were I’d always pay a little bit more. Gave them a little more to put in their pockets," Poulos said.

He said it's been nice to help people throughout this difficult year by helping them get rid of things they might have thrown out otherwise.

Poulos has shared his Christmas display on social media, bringing cheer to people's home.

"A lot of people tuned in through Facebook on live and they said you know during the things they can’t reach out to their families and they’re not able to spend and be up close during the holidays like it’s been, they said it’s brought home back to them so that’s nice," Poulos said.

He wasn't expecting his display to be as extravagant as it ended up, but he's already planning to make it even bigger next year. He's bought a life size sleigh to display in his front yard and hopes the pandemic will pass so people will be able to enjoy it and take photos.

"It’s going to be a beautiful way to know that this time next year people are going to be able to sit in the sleigh, talk to each other. Maybe some of this will still be around but maybe most of it will be in people’s past why not give them something to look forward to," Poulos said.