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Renowned speaker asks students to make and keep promises

Posted at 4:56 PM, Oct 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-01 17:56:42-04

The Millard school district has embraced the simple theme of 'Be Kind'...and this morning, Millard South high school hosted a guest speaker who has a message of his own, that's just as simple as be kind. 

Because I said I would. Alex Sheen has preached those words to countless crowds since his father passed away in 2012. Sheen says his dad always kept his word and that the world can slowly change for the better, when just one person makes a promise and keeps it.

"Perhaps one of the most dangerous thoughts in this world is the thought that the actions of one person don't matter. I think we're getting overwhelmed by what we see and think there's nothing I can do to solve it so I just do nothing," says Alex Sheen, Because I said I would, founder & CEO.

Sheen says he has seen the full-range of promises and will often get deeply personal pledges from kids in high school. 

"I will not cut, I will not kill myself,” Sheen. 

The vows can also go towards the public good like in 2013, when Sheen promised to walk 240 miles across Ohio to raise awareness of three women who were kid-napped and imprisoned for a decade in Cleveland. 

"After you've been hurt, or suffered, or been bullied in this life, maybe you still need to know that there are complete and absolute strangers out there that still care about complete and absolute strangers, says Sheen.

The speech actually took place before the first bell rang on Monday, with the students showing up voluntarily. Assistant principal Steve Throne says the kids were fully engaged with Sheen and believes his message works hand-in-hand with #BeKind.

"The biggest thing is making a commitment and having the right mindset that you're going to help others and not be selfish but unselfish and be willing to go the extra mile for other people."

School officials say they ran out of the thousands of promise cards that were provided to students. But Throne says he has ordered more and plans to continue to push Sheen's message throughout the rest of the school year.