Rescued golden retrievers make it to Omaha

Posted at 10:53 PM, May 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-21 23:53:24-04

Five golden retrievers will now have new homes after they were rescued from Turkey and brought here to Nebraska.

The Golden Retriever Rescue in Nebraska organization brought the dogs to Omaha on Saturday after a long journey from Turkey.

The dogs will go to foster families for a few weeks to learn training and adapt to their rescued life.

“This is awesome, these dogs are going to have great homes, we can’t wait to get them to new people,” said foster mom Sue Sprankle.

“It gives you a really neat feeling in order to be able to help them” added another foster mom Cindy Roberts.

The dogs were rescued after they were found wandering the streets, the goal now is to find them the love they have been missing out on.

One of the new things the dogs will have to learn is English; each family was given a list of common commands to say in Turkish.

GRRIN said it’s great to see these dogs get a second chance and the foster parents love help giving another family add a new member.

“It’s fun to fall in love with them and adopt them out to a forever family that will love them too,” said Roberts.

The dogs range in ages one to three. They were all named after Nebraska towns; there is York, Sydney, Valentine, Aurora, and Madison.

For more information about the dogs and GRRIN click here.