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Restaurant Hoppen: Omaha food halls and food trucks where there's something for everyone

Burning Bridges Fried Chicken Sandwich
Posted at 12:43 PM, Oct 01, 2022
and last updated 2022-10-01 16:33:48-04

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — There’s no way to please everyone.

Whether you’re going out with your family, a group of friends, or coworkers for lunch, finding a location that meets everyone’s needs and desires is darn near impossible. Is the restaurant kid-friendly? Does it have vegan options? And what do you do when one buddy is craving a cheeseburger and another is watching their figure?

It’s like you need a restaurant that’s actually five or six restaurants in one.

You’re in luck, Omaha, because you actually have several locations that do exactly that. These spaces house multiple concepts, offering different styles of cuisine to match varying price points, dietary needs, and personal cravings. Here are four you should look into next time you’re debating where to go that’ll please the whole crew.

Inner Rail Food Hall

Gravy Train BLT
Gravy Train BLT

Ever since it opened in 2019, the Inner Rail Food Hall has been a foodie’s dream. Located in the heart of Aksarben, this building houses nine different vendors and a full-service bar.

Whether you’re craving familiar favorites like sushi, burgers, or biscuits and gravy. Or if you want to expand your palate and try something new like Nepalese dumplings or stuffed crepes, the Inner Rail has you covered.

You can dine inside the food hall or enjoy the beautiful weather outside, where you can play bags or giant Jenga or cross the lawn to Sonny’s, an outdoor bar with cocktails, wine, and plenty of live music and other events.

The Inner Rail also hosts weekly Pint Nights and Music Bingo, so there’s always something going on. But the variety of food and the ability to experience cuisines you won’t find elsewhere alone makes this food hall worth the visit.

Trucks & Taps

Dire Lion Bangers & Mash
Dire Lion Bangers & Mash

There’s just something magical about food trucks. For whatever reason, receiving one’s food out of a window and eating it outdoors has a special aura that can’t be explained. And when multiple trucks convene, the effect is amplified.

That’s what makes Trucks & Taps, located just off 108th and Q, a special place. This former Sonic Drive-In has been converted into a food truck hub, complete with a spacious patio, bar, and (soon) large event space. Diners can order from any of the 3-5 trucks lining the patio’s perimeter, get a drink, and enjoy the gorgeous weather.

There are 3-4 staple food trucks that one can almost always find: Big Green Q (barbecue), The Dire Lion (British Pub Food), Burning Bridges (Juicy Lucy burgers and epic fried chicken sandwiches), and Three Kids Lobster (lobster rolls).

Guest trucks are always making appearances too, serving up Detroit-style pizza (Izzy’s Pizza Bus), corn dogs (The Omaha Corn Dog Company), creative takes on deviled eggs (Deviled Egg Co.), and more.

Blend Virtual Food Hall

Wonton Jon's Traditional Burrito
Wonton Jon's Traditional Burrito

Picture this scenario: you’re watching football with your buddies and need some food delivered so you don’t miss a single play. But the debate of where to order rages louder than the complaints about the latest penalty call against your team.

Or this one: you don’t have the energy after work to cook dinner, and everyone in the family wants something different. Ordering from 3-5 different restaurants leads to varied arrival times and the lack of a family meal.

Blend Virtual Food Hall solves both these scenarios and many like them. This food hub offers all kinds of different food, from burgers to breakfast burritos (Wonton Jon’s), cheesesteaks (Omaha Cheesesteak Co.), rice bowls, and more, all available via delivery or pickup. With eight different concepts in one location, it doesn’t get more convenient than this.

Flagship Commons

Amersterdam Falafel & Kabob Meal
Amersterdam Falafel & Kabob Meal

Flagship Commons may be located inside Westroads Mall, but this dining destination is nothing like the common food court. The sheer variety is staggering: you can find sushi, tacos, ramen, pizza, salads, falafel, and more, all in one convenient location.

But what separates Flagship Commons from the common food court is its focus on local. There are no chains here; these concepts were all developed and honed by local people with clear care for the food they create.

When you order from Blatt Beer & Table, you’re getting carefully curated pub food like the Dirty Bird, a perfectly crispy fried chicken sandwich with bacon and house-made buffalo sauce. And an experience at Amsterdam Falafel & Kabob is as close as you’ll get to European street food in the city. As an added bonus, you can check some shopping needs off your list once you polish off your meal!

Have you been to any of these places? Tell me about it on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook! I love discussing food, and I want to hear about the experiences you’ve had at these fun dining experiences.

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