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Restaurant Hoppen: Omaha's football season hotspots for your next watch party

Whether you're a Chiefs fan, a Cornhusker, a Cyclone, or a Hawkeye fan these places will make your next party a big hit!
Posted at 4:19 PM, Aug 25, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-26 11:42:23-04

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — Football season is upon us. And with it comes epic watch parties. You’re ready to throw an awesome gameday bash. The fridge is stocked with cold beverages, you have multiple TVs set up and you’ve got your lucky jersey on.

But what about the food?!

Don’t worry, Omaha’s restaurants have you covered. Eateries across the city can provide a variety of cuisines to take your Husker gameday to the next level, but these 6, in particular, can make your watch party one to remember.

Piezon’s Pizzeria

Oh Mio Dio Pizza from Piezons

Pizza is the classic gameday food, and few do it as well as Piezon’s Pizzeria. This New York-style pizza is consistent as can be, as every pie features the same firm yet foldable crust, sweet, tangy red sauce, and creamy, melty cheese.

With 11 signature pies and an endless variety of toppings, there’s a pizza here to delight even the pickiest of fans. Added bonus: Piezon’s allows you to divide your pizza into fourths, so everyone can get exactly what they want. My suggestion: get several of the Oh Mio Dio. This combination of pepperoni, fiery chicken, and cream cheese dollops is one of the best pizzas Omaha has to offer.

If you want to add some variety to your gameday spread, Piezon’s also offers wings, onion rings, cheesy bread, jalapeno poppers, and more. But the star is the pizza, and for good reason.


House Brined Wings from Everetts

A relative newcomer to the Omaha food scene, Everett’squickly established itself as the go-to spot to pick up wings in Omaha. These meaty wings (which are so large they more closely resemble those of a condor, not a chicken) are first brined, ensuring the flesh remains moist and juicy. They’re then fried to add just a touch of crunch, tossed in one of five signature sausages, and finished on the grill to lock in the flavor and produce a pleasant smoky taste and brilliant grill marks for added texture.

Each sauce, crafted in-house, has a distinct personality, but the Peanut Wings are in a category of their own. Your buddies will rave about the sticky wings and their slightly sweet yet peanut-forward sauce.

Porky Butts BBQ

Burnt Ends from Porky Butts BBQ

A lot of home tailgaters love to test their skills with the smoker for Husker games. But if you’re not a BBQ expert or you want an easy day off your feet and away from the grill Porky Butts BBQ will serve you something that’s better than you’d make yourself anyway.

This restaurant covers the entire meat spectrum. The burnt ends are fatty, buttery, and feature a great smoky flavor. The ribs are large enough to double as meat clubs, and the meat achieves perfect tenderness; it releases cleanly from the bone when gently tugged.

The smoked sausage is juicy with just a touch of heat, the smoked wings have the proper balance of smoke and sweetness from the sauce, and the brisket is tender as it is flavorful. A Porky Butts’ platter is sure to please your passionate patrons.

Backlot Taphouse

Backlot Taphouse

If you’re craving pizza but want something besides your usual order, take a look atBacklot Taphouse. The restaurant serves Detroit-style pizza, a relatively new offering in Omaha that is quickly taking the city’s pizza scene by storm.

These rectangular pies feature a chewy, oily dough, similar to focaccia bread (imagine pizza constructed atop a buttery cheese bread). They employ Wisconsin brick cheese, which is high in fat and produces gooey bites and epic cheese pulls. But the kicker is the pizza’s “crown”: a perimeter of cheese that’s pushed up against the cooking pan and results in a crispy, caramelized crust that’s unlike anything you’ve previously experienced. This different take on pizza is sure to wow your pizza-loving crowd.

Sunnyside on Center

Hashbrown Throwdown from Sunnyside on Center

What about those pesky 11 a.m. games? If your crew is headed over around 10 and you’re looking for something more breakfast-y, Sunnyside on Center is an excellent option.

The breakfast burritos, stuffed with fluffy, buttery eggs, crispy bacon, and spicy chorizo, are finished on the grill to seal in all the wondrous flavors. They’re among Omaha’s best burritos.

Sunnyside also serves delicious breakfast sandwiches, breakfast quesadillas, and greasy, fatty hash brown cakes that will transport you back to grade school lunch. You can really wow your guests by offering the Hashbrown Throwdown, a breakfast sandwich that uses these hash browns as “buns.” For the early games, Sunnyside is your answer.

Blend Virtual Food Hall

Philly Cheesesteak from Omaha Cheesesteak Co.

When you’re ordering for a group, it can feel impossible to please everyone. One buddy wants burgers, another is craving wings, and the third is watching his weight and just wants a salad. Blend is the perfect solution.

This to-go hub houses eight different restaurant concepts in one location, all available for pickup or delivery. With a roster chock full of burgers, breakfast burritos, cheesesteaks, biscuits and gravy, tacos, and more, everyone can get exactly what they want without you having to order from multiple restaurants or leave your house. The combination of variety and convenience is nearly impossible to beat.

Whatever your gameday needs, Omaha has a restaurant that can meet them. Do you have a favorite place to order or pick up from that you don’t see on this list? Tell me about it on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook!

I’d love to hear about the different Omaha spots you get your football eats from.

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