Reunion 3 years in the making

Posted at 4:09 PM, Apr 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-08 17:09:50-04
It's a reunion that was three years in the making.
On Saturday, April 2nd, someone dropped off a little dog in an overnight drop kennel at the Nebraska Humane Society with no paperwork or tags. She was well fed, but in desperate need of grooming.  NHS staff checked to see if the dog had a microchip, and sure enough she did.  NHS found her original owners in suburban Chicago, who were shocked to learn that their dog that disappeared in February of 2013 was in Omaha. Once the owners were assured that indeed, the dog named Miley was theirs, Ruben Rosa and his son left for Omaha on Tuesday morning for the eight hour drive to re-claim her.
While awaiting their arrival, Miley was groomed so she would look her best for the reunion. Rosa said he was so happy that NHS had Miley and that they called.  Rosa says they had gotten several calls that were false leads. They are now back home together in the Chicago suburbs.
NHS staff say they have no idea how Miley ended up in Omaha.