Reunited: Omaha firefighters rescue cats...

Posted at 5:42 PM, Jan 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-12 18:44:56-05

“I just want to have them in my arms right now,” said Lindsey Klotz.

For days Lindsey Klotz has been in limbo about the fate of her fur babies.

“My neighbor across the alleyway saw the smoke in my condo and said it was black, so I didn't have a lot of faith after he said that,” said Klotz.

On Saturday when flames and smoke began to overtake M’s Pub, Lindsey’s condo building above The Market House had to be evacuated.

Her two Maine Coon cats were trapped.

"I did see the firefighters inside the condo looking for them yesterday and when I went down there and he told me that they had found them and they were alive and they just couldn't catch them, I was ecstatic! I actually like threw myself on him and gave him a hug I was so happy," said Klotz.

On Tuesday, the second attempt to catch the cats was a success. With the help of the Humane Society, Pearl and Goliath were reunited with their owner.

"There were smiles all around today when we brought them out. There were quite a few people down there taking pictures just kind of watching the guys do their job," said Captain Tim McCaw with the Omaha Fire Dept.

It's safe to say the Omaha Fire Department is the cat's meow.

"I don't have to worry about them anymore and I can start putting my life back together," said Klotz.